PS5 “Half” revealed by Mark Cerny. We learned about CPU, GPU, Hard drive, more rumors

In April Mark Cerny told Wired a few interesting things about project called by himself “Next Generation PlayStation”. For us gamers that’s mean, he spoke about PlayStation 5/PS5, if Sony will decide in future to use this name. So what we learned from this interview and from other rumors there are flying on the internet until this day?

  • CPU in PlayStation 5 is designed with cooperation Sony with AMD (As previously) and produced by Advanced Micro Devices. This CPU is based by Ryzen ZEN 2 (3rd generation processor) micro-architecture, have 8 cores, produced in 7nm process.
  • GPU is also made by AMD and is based on NAVI architecture.
  • We get APU (CPU/GPU in togheter) than can display 4K/8K resolution in 120fps and operate backward compatibility with PS4/PS4 pro games.

Recent rumor from Colin Moriarty from IGN about PS5 power tell us that PS4/PS4 Pro successor have more power than “Project Scarlet” from Microsoft, who have 400% more power than Xbox One X. If this is true, that will be great for all PlayStation fans and not great for Xbox fans.

That means PS5 will have over 24 TFLOPS under her mask.

Toshihiro Nagoshi (SEGA): The processing power of PlayStation 5 is incredible; If you would pour its power into graphics, it’ll be the best that we’ve yet to see; I think artificial intelligence and machine learning will continue to evolve.

  • GPU will support ray tracing, advanced lighting technique used in hollywood movies and few first games on PC with NVidia RTX graphic cards.

Recent news about ray tracing tell us that CD project Red Cyberpunk 2077 will support this technique and E3 2019 gameplay from this game ran in 1080p/60fps on Intel i7-8700K 3.70 GHz and Nvidia Titan RTX. Polish dev’s told us that this game will mainly designed for 4K resolution. The game is not officially announced for PS5 but CD Project RED mentioned about release this game in future on next-gen systems.

  • Another game changer for PlayStation gamers will be hard drive mounted in PS5. Next Generation PlayStation will receive SSD hard drive, 40 x more faster than HDD mounted in PS4. That mean’s loading screens time will be loading 10 more faster.

Sony’s official video comparing performance of PS4 Pro vs next-gen PlayStation

Takashi Mochizuki

Recent rumor about loading screens tell us that Sony want to complete elimination of loading screens in PS5 by they new patent.

  • In PS5 Sony will be using optical discs (Blu-ray?), regardless of the increase in sales of games digitally. That we know for sure, Japan corporation want gamers to decide how they want to buy video games.
  • In Next Generation PlayStation Sony will increase Streaming/Cloud Gaming via PlayStation Now service and Virtual Reality. But for now we don’t know anything about that.

We are getting more confident with the [PlayStation Now] service and we are really going to start to push it hard this year and in years to follow.

Jim Ryan, PlayStation boss
  • Release date was not given. Analysts are predicting the PlayStation 5 release date could be around 2020 or 2021. Sony tell us: no next-gen PlayStation launch over next 12 months. Until the mid of 2020. Microsoft Project Scarlett will release holiday 2020 so we think that Sony will release PS5 in the same time. [If they want to win next console war].

Still we don’t know officially about PS5 case, price and launch titles. Also we don’t know when Playstation 5 will be officially revealed in full way by Sony. We predict that Sony show they Next Generation PlayStation on E3 2020 or maybe sooner on special PlayStation Experience.

PlayStation 5 price can be $499 or above. For PC AMD Zen 2 price start from $199 and come out July 7, 2019. NAVI price start from $379 but without ray tracing support. It will be hard to achieve low price of PS5 even the end of next year.

What about launch titles, what about games for PS5 premiere? We know nothing particular about this. Internet says about The Last Of Us 2, Death Stranding and Ghost Of Tsushima. Ther is change that this games will be available to purchase on cross platform system. We know that severals dev’s working on games for PlayStation 5 but we don’t know anything official about that.

ps5 playstation 5 logo
PlayStation 5 logo

The main pros of PS5 are:

  • Custom APU Zen 2/Navi by AMD with 4K/8K and ray tracing support
  • Super fast SSD storage system
  • Backward compatibility with PS4
  • Still support optical discs

The main cons of PS5 are:

  • Possibly high price $499/£499 or above

Tell us what do you think about PS5 specs in the comments!

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